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Innovative accounting system for travel industry!

Accounting systems are mainly used for maintaining the transaction recordings, invoice details and processing financial data etc. Whether you are a small travel agency or a established firm with multiple locations worldwide, you need to decrease costly inefficiencies & drive profit in the business. To do so the business needs to have a reliable accounting system with best features so you can deliver solid financial results. There are companies, to provide you the best accounting system, so you can find such a system/software which is specific to your business!

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TravelPD provides cloud based accounting system with customized features, which helps you to manage business finances efficiently. we offer the accounting system for various travel industries including hotels, flights, car rentals, holiday packages, transfers and many more.

Types of travel agency software solutions we offer

  • Booking and reservation software
  • Accounting software
  • CRM Systems

Here are some of the must have features of travel agency accounting software

  1. User friendly navigation
  2. Invoicing recording
  3. Inventory management
  4. Connection to banks
  5. Bank reconciliations
  6. Secured data
  7. Agent commissions management
  8. Sales analysis & tracking
  9. Supplier data management
  10. Graphical reporting
  11. GDS vendor reports
  12. Data of multiple financial years
    & much more

If you are looking a professional travel technology company for accounting software, reach us today. We offer the best accounting software, CRM and reservation system for the travel agencies of all sizes. Our tech solutions are highly secure and customisable. You can easily integrate our software on your travel portal!

travel technology

KEY Benefits of Online Booking Systems

Every travel business goal is to sell their products and make profit. But without an online system you will have to rely on offline bookings like phone calls, walk-ins etc. An online booking system or reservation system is necessary to manage the travel business daily operations efficiently!

Here are the few benefits of online booking software!

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Online reservation system for your website

With secured 24/7 online reservation system, you can start accepting online bookings and reservations on your website easily!

Control over your rates & availability

You can completely automate your schedules, rates, up to date to the customers.

Email and SMS automation

You can send reminders (like pre and post trip) to the travelers through emails & sms

Back office system for managing daily operations

Manage your entire operations via back office system; keep track of your inventories, bookings, transactions & refunds!

Online payment system integrated with the website

Payment gateway integration- multiple modes of payment in any currency you want, it makes your booking faster and better with immediate confirmation.

Hassle Free Management of Bookings

Online booking system helps you to manage the bookings more efficiently! This will further increase the revenue of your business!

If you are looking for a best booking system for your travel business, reach us today! We offer the best travel booking engines for travel companies across the globe! Our travel booking system automates bookings, reservations, payments and manages the entire back office system! It will boost your online presence, and takes your travel business to the next level!!

We are a Travel Technology Company; we develop Online Booking System, Internet booking engine, online booking software, online booking engines flights, travel booking engine, hotel booking software, hotel booking engines and airline booking software for Travel Agents.


travel technology

B2B travel portal and booking engine (benefits)

Travel Portal Development that streamlines travel business operations in Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Travel Agent Portals, Holiday Packages, Bus Booking, B2B and B2C Travel Portals. Every agency need to have a business tool like travel portal, travel software, travel application for travel itineraries which permits customers to find you online.

b2b travel portal and booking engine

B2B travel booking engine is a great tool for large travel agencies, suppliers and tour operators to streamline the business processes. With B2B reservation system, B2B companies can run their operations (errors, inefficiency, delays, lost sales opportunities) smoothly and maximise the revenue.

Here are the few benefits of B2B travel booking engine

Wider inventory distribution

  • Provides B2C portal with own branding to enhance the customer experience
  • Provides an interface to sub agents to search and book live inventory

Revenue management

  • Single interface to set up markups and commissions
  • Can configure deals and markups

User management

  • Provide access to different agents
  • Data privacy for users

Accurate tracking & analysis

  • Reservation reports
  • BI reports and commission reports


Some benefits of online travel portal

Customer care support

  • Live chat option to directly engage with the customers
  • instant solution to any travel issues

Real-time access

  • Can easily get real-time access to prices of hotels, flights, rental services
  • Travel Agents can get real-time access to the volume of users

Cost effective solutions

  • Travellers can access an application which can provide all the information under one roof, just click away!

In order to get an efficient application and reservation system built, you would require hiring the best travel software development company. If you’re a B2B travel company looking to take your business to the next level, contact us and request a demo! TravelPD provides online travel booking technology and travel portal development solutions for businesses of all sizes across the globe. As a leading travel technology expert we can recommend you the right solution!

travel technology

Travel Technology Solutions, Travel Software Development Company: TRAVELPD

As a leading Travel Technology Company, we serve to travel business companies from enterprise to agencies.

We provide specialised travel solutions for different business requirements scenarios & on various different modules (B2B & B2C). Our travel technology solutions encompasses of numerous activities such as IT Consulting, Products, Solutions & services that help travel industry.

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Our Offerings:

Travel Consulting:

We provide the best travel consulting solutions for OTAs, travel suppliers, Startups and Consolidators.

Travel Products:

Technology became a key differentiator and it should not only for managing the current challenges, but also for dynamic sourcing & distribution requirements. TravelPD provides the best in class travel technology products to the businesses worldwide.

Travel Solutions:

We provide online booking engines for Airlines, Hotels, Car rentals, Bus, Cruises, and Dynamic Packages on a single platform with multiple inventories.

Travel Services:

We have a dedicated team of technical support and maintenance for your online travel website or portal. We ensure quality of the travel technology product so that you will get solution as per your business needs.


If you are interested in our services, please call us on +91-805-001-3337 or write to us at

travel technology

Best Software Development Solutions for Travel Agencies

In this modern world, online search has become the initial mode of discovering products or services providers, so any organization should have a website whether it is large or small. If you are not on the web, then your business is potentially losing the clients. TravelPD has the highly experienced team to create impactful, customized, dynamic websites for your travel business, which will help in growing your business. That is the reason, developing an individual website is not an easy task. The web design experts at TravelPD, we provide a service called Travel Agency Management System, which sets everything for you, including web development, web design, domain registration, web hosting, SM integration, travel portal development, online booking software development and more.

best software development solutions

Travel Agency Management Software

TravelPD is one of the leading travel web portal development companies in India.  And also in tours & travel sector worldwide. If you have a travel company or planning to start a travel business, it is necessary to have travel software to stay ahead with competitors. 

Key Features of Travel Agency Software

  • Travel Portal Design and Development
  • Travel Portal Development Solutions for Flights, hotels, cruises & rental car booking
  • Real time ticket availability
  • Payment details
  • API integration with reservation system
  • Graphical Reports
  • Mobile Application Development for travel portals

Application Development services for Travel Agents

 Hotel Booking System

We at travel offer you the most efficient Online Hotel Booking Engine that facilitates the search for hotels worldwide. Our Online Hotel reservation system is developed using globally acknowledged applications used for Online Hotel Bookings for B2B and B2C in various destinations.

Tour Booking Engine

Online travel booking engine is a software application that supports the travel and tourism industry for reservation purposes through internet.

Flight Booking System

We offer you the most efficient online booking system that facilitates the search for the flights all over the world.  We provide booking engines for both B2B and B2C.

Bus Booking System

We offer you the automated online bus booking system with efficient custom solutions. Namely maintain routes, pricing, seat details and much more

Car Booking System

We provide best-in-class Car Booking Engine to travel portals across UK, USA, Singapore, Middle East and other parts of the world.  Our API integrated Car Booking Engine enables the users to access data of car rental agencies all over the world.

Interested to know more about our products and offerings? Reach us Today!

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TravelPD: The Best travel API provider in India

API’s are generally used for managing the interactions between two online sources. APIs plays an important role when it comes to travel industry, because travel APIs directly connects with customers to innovative website or web app. Travel API is the set of web services that allow people to access the travel deals and different data from different travel consolidators.


API (Application Programming Interfaces) has numerous benefits. If you are a travel company, you need to consider the best suitable API, based on the customer’s requirements, and then it will be more convenient to add data like flights, hotel, rental car and more. If you are Travel Company, looking for a best travel API providers, you must hire our company; we are among the top API providers in India.

  • Flight Booking API
  • Car Booking API
  • Rental Car Booking API
  • Holiday Packaging API
  • Sightseeing API etc.

As a leading travel technology company in India we offer different API integration solutions to flight booking, hotel booking, rental car booking. We also offer the best travel portal development solutions to manage online flight booking, hotel bookings and car bookings. In addition to the travel website, API integration we also offer booking engines that include airline services, hotel booking, holiday packaging, car hiring, cruises booking, hotel crs, hotel pms etc.

If you trying to build a travel website, you must approach our company, we are the best travel website developers in India As the best travel technology company/ travel API services providers in India we provide you the best innovative travel technology solutions (travel website, travel software, travel API, travel booking engine etc.) that allows you to attract more customers. If you are interested to attract both local and international customers you, choosing TravelPD, will be right choice.

You can reach out to us, for quality technology solutions at the most affordable pricing.

GDS Integration Service | Global Distribution System Integration for Travel Businesses